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▪ Bacaro edition 

Boccon Veneziano 18.50
Selection of Venetian cicchetti: whipped salted cod, cuttlefish in black ink, sweet-and-sour fish, lagoon shrimps with polenta

Polpo alla Lugana 16.50
Octopus with reduction of Lugana wine made in Veneto 

Smoked fish carpaccio 18.00

Selection of smoked fish served with mixed berry sauce and lime 

Beef carpaccio 16.50
Beef carpaccio with rocket salad, Grana cheese flakes and Taggiasca olive paté 

Sautéed mussels 16.50
Sautéed mussels with chili pepper

▪ The classics 

Our bruschettas 16.00
Classic one; zucchini, sliced tomato and smoked salmon; sliced tomato, Cantabrian anchovies and cream of DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania

Caprese salad 14.00
DOP buffalo’s milk mozzarella and tomato

Ham and mozzarella 16.00
Raw ham and mozzarella

Cheese platter 14.00
Selection of cheese
(available only at dinner and at lunch only during weekends)

Caesar Salad 16.00
Romaine lettuce, bread croutons, Grana cheese flakes, grilled chicken supreme, and Caesar sauce

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